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My kid may not look quite like your kid...

My kid may not look quite like your kid... Where your kid has on baseball socks and cleats, my kid has on AFO braces and shoes wide enough to fit the braces. Where your kid is running around kicking dust up in the field or running the bases, my kid has his walk er. While your kid looks adorable with their cute helmet decal, my kid is getting double takes when people notice features that appear “different.” While your kid is waving and talking to you on the sidelines, my kid is turning to sign to me as I prepare to help him bat. Those are some of the ways our kids differ, but let me tell you how our kids are the same. Our kids both want to go out there, play, and have fun. Our kids both look to us as parents to make sure we are watching, that we are proud of them. So my kid might not be quite like your kid and that’s okay. So while you see my son not walking and you notice features that give clues to his diagnosis of Down syndrome, know that in many ways our kids are s