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Extra Chromosome and All

When I began my blog I admitted that while people were often commenting on my positive outlook I am not always sailing through on a cloud of positivity. I struggle, I have days where the reality of the past five months sets in or the uncertainty of the future can seem daunting. I told myself that if I were going to write about our journey that I would be open and honest, and that includes the hard moments. The moments, days, or weeks when the emotions hit. Some might wonder why I would write and share those moments with people. Why I would open myself up to that level of vulnerability, especially when those who know me know how I value my independence and strength. In those first few days after Kaleb was born and we had received the diagnosis of Down syndrome I had many emotions that I was ashamed of feeling. “What loving person would ever have these feelings?” would often go through my head and result in me feeling even worse. They were feelings that I could not even bring myself t

Lessons from a 5 month and 3 year old

Kaleb continues to do well. The past two weeks PT (physical therapist) and OT (occupational therapist) have bragged on Kaleb and how well he is doing. Some of these progressions include how well he is raising up on his arms to raise his head, overall head control, reaching midline, attempting to grasp at objects, tracking with his eyes, interact, and others. On his 5 month birthday he "accidentally" rolled over from his stomach to his back. It scared him and he had no idea what he did. We Right now we continue to hold our breathe and pray that we (especially Kaleb) stay healthy and all of the colds and other illnesses stay away.  Specialist appointments continue to be a norm for us and keep us still very acquainted with the trek between Bartlesville and Tulsa. This week we will go back to the audiologist and next week the pulmonologist. So it is safe to say Kaleb continues to teach me parenting and life from a new perspective. I'll be the first to admit how easy it is to