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Our First Flip

 I haven't shared since 2019. I'm hoping to change that. You will also see some old writings and stories that I shared on FB or IG and am putting on my blog as new families of preemies, parents with a new Down syndrome diagnosis look through my posts. However, disability isn't the only thing that impacts our family. 2019 was brutal. Everyone (as they should) has gone on about 2020, but for us the craziness really began in 2019. On May 21st our house took on 4 foot of water in a flood. We pretty much lost everything, save a few things on selves or walls above four feet. Then the next day in a hailstorm my windshield was shattered. A few weeks later while living in a campus house (thanks to OKWU), a neighbors tree fell on my husband's car during a storm and totaled it. Then another two weeks later a deer ran into the side of the van causes $2,000 in damage. 

It was a very rough summer. We were heartbroken to lose our home. Now two years later the silver lining is that it made us redo our house. We took the chance to redesign and flip our home. We also bought the house next door and flipped it. (Will share on another post). Essentially the summer of 2019 is when Next Chapter Homes, llc really began. We now are on our second flip (not counting our own) and I've gotten to help give tips and ideas for home design and decorating. Below are some of the pictures of the finished product. 


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My letter to Alex Gordon

Alex, I wanted to share a few pictures with you that show why I'm writing to thank you. You see my three year old, Kaden, knows more about baseball and the Royals than many adults I know. He loves as he would put it "all of the Royals" but without a doubt, without any hesitation when asked who is his favorite player is his answer is always one player; you.  I'm not kidding when I say Gordo was one of his first words. In fact anything baseball for the longest time was called Gordo. I'm not exactly sure why he took such a liking to you. I joke it's because his first ever game at the K and you hit a grand slam when he was not even a year old. For what ever reason he adores you. He even has a little Gordo plush doll that he likes to take everywhere.  This past year has been the toughest year for our family. Our second son, Kaleb, was born 12 weeks early at 2lb 2oz. We also learned of his diagnosis of Down syndrome two days after his birth. He spent

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