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Special Kaden Day

 June 1st

(We have now celebrated two annual Special Kaden Days)

I talk about our journey with Kaleb a lot. He has to work so hard all the time. But today we recognize Kaden. Our kid who deserves a special day to recognize how awesome he is.

Last spring on Kaleb’s heartiversary, Kaden got to talking about how cool it was that Kaleb got to celebrate several different days (World Down Syndrome Day, NICU graduation, heart anniversary, etc.). However, he pointed out it was kinda sad that he didn’t really have any other day except his birthday. I told him to pick a day and we would make that Special Kaden Day. He picked June 1st. So today we celebrate our second annual Special Kaden Day.

My heart aches to think about everything he has gone through in his eight and a half years. From Kaleb’s extended NICU stay that also turned his world upside down at two and three years old, to Kaleb’s medical equipment and issues, Kaleb hospital stays that took Momma away from him, the flood, and then once we got back in our house dealt with a global pandemic. He is always our helper. From leading the Kaleb train as we pushed Kaleb’s medical equipment from room to room as a baby, quick to help with Kaleb’s breathing treatments as a toddler, help with therapies, understand when Kaleb needs require some extra attention, or to simply give his brother extra Bubba cuddles when he needs or wants them.

So each June 1st is our day to recognize our very special boy who has the biggest servant’s heart. He loves doing things and helping others, feels everything so deeply, and loves his family (especially his brother) so much.

Happy Special Kaden Day, my sweet Kaden.


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